Asbuilt are a digital engineering/construction software company who have developed solutions for the design, construction and management of built assets. Their ultimate goal is to improve the way people interact with the built world. Vault, their 3D spatial intelligence platform ingests, analyses and organises BIM data spatially. It provides the foundation for a digital twin of any built environment. Vault acts as a spatial data 'lake', interacting with other software by either pushing or pulling information from it via APIs and third-party integrations… to make construction data spatially intelligent. 
The challenge was to create a parent brand identity for asBuilt that reflected it's brand values; strong, practical, candid, technical and visionary. Software brands for Vault and for PayLab (Asbuilt's construction payments product) were also developed that linked graphically to the parent brand, but could also function independently.
The Asbuilt symbol is a reflected monogram. This represents the digital twin technologies that Asbuilt deliver, referencing perfect symmetry and alignment, along with a seamless connection from the built world to the digital. This symbol also flows through to the software brands, so the symbol for Vault and PayLab are both constructed of the same shapes. 
Colour became very important as a vehicle to give the software brands their own voice. The asBuilt parent purple drew from the purply/blue tones of its 'blueprint' roots. The Vault software platform, a bold emerald green, was derived from the feeling of security and sustainability, and the vibrant yellow of the PayLab software indicates energy, positivity and has links to the yellow of hardhats or construction tools and machinery. The brands then share a supportive colour palette of highlight colours and neutrals.
Diagrams were formulated to identify the asBuilt ecosystem and to communicate complex software solutions. Bold iconography was employed to express asBuilt's core digital services and processes, with angles and points that mimic the asBuilt symbol. A duotone photographic style was established for hero imagery to compliment the bold colour palette, and to work in with a series of digital textures. The interplay of the real world and the digital world became a design motif throughout communications.
Agency: Brandwell
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