AsBuilt's PayLab is an easy to use Saas solution designed to manage the building and construction payment process. It enables users to receive, assess, schedule and certify claims with ease. PayLab helps compliance with the requirements of the CCA, whilst tracking ever problematic retention deductions and providing a more certain cashflow pipeline.
Construction is the largest ecosystem in the world – but with annual productivity growth over the past 20 years of only a third of total economy averages, and digitalization rates lower than in nearly any other industry, PayLab joins the dots and creates increased productivity and maximises cost/time efficiencies.
The PayLab identity needed to combat the construction industry’s resistance to digital processes. To this end, the visual and written tone of the brand is approachable, simple and reliable. The vibrant, positive yellow palette is in keeping with the 'power tool' vernacular, and the graphic 'Designed by Construction People – For Construction People' is brought to the fore in brand communications. 
A playful illustrative style using construction machinery as visual cues was developed to communicate processes and concepts simply. Claims and certificates maintained the same look as their manual counterparts to provide consistency.
Agency: Brandwell
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