Grace is a high-end range of luminaries developed by Novii on the principles of resilience, performance and form. Often set discreetly into a building’s structure, Grace luminaires are commonly ‘invisible’ as fittings, so it’s the quality of the light, and the emotional response to space and light, that are Grace’s brand drivers; contemporary, warm, human, light.
To cut through to a creative audience, the ‘sales pitch’ needed to be as invisible as the products themselves. The viewer’s journey needed to be considered, sophisticated and experiential, with light and emotion as the heroes throughout the document.
To this end, a series of short stories were developed for five of the key spaces in which Grace lighting can be utilised. Each story explores how the invisible power of lighting plays an emotional role in these spaces, shaping the way people feel and experience them. These text pieces then formed the brief for the brand imagery. Being a new product line, there weren’t any in-situ images available, so we opted to art direct a series of tabletop still life photographs to illustrate and enhance the stories.
In a field full of technically dense catalogues and busy in situ photography, the design of this document is elegant and precise. Like the Grace range itself, it is designed to be more than simply functional - it inspires creativity and evokes emotion.
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