In a technology-obsessed category, the evolution of Novii's 'Tyke' linear lighting brand needed to be a breath of expressive and human-centric fresh air.
To this end, the proposition 'Daring new ways to imagine and control light' was developed to communicate the brand's point of difference. Playing at the edge of technology, 'Tyke' finds new ways to shape and control the experience of space. To create spaces which simply feel good.
The refreshed logo mimics the linear lighting profile, and the imperfect letterforms reference the boundary-pushing, daring qualities of the 'Tyke' brand.
Edgy and colourful portraits interplay light with the human form. These overlap with beautiful technical renders of the linear product. Energy and pace are expressed through bold design layouts and the verbal tone of the language is short and sharp and punchy. 
Elements combine to create an accessible, yet boldly original voice that redefines and elevates 'Tyke' within the lighting category.

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